"Expanding a photo"
FINE100 project involving perspective work where students are the extend a photo of their choosing in any medium
Watercolour, pen, copics and metallic ink on cold-pressed paper
"Working with Conté"
FINE100 project involving students to create pieces using conté​​​​​​​
"Playing with Patterns"
FINE100 project involving students creating a self-portrait using ink by stamping paper to create patterned pages. Pages were then ripped and glued on like a collage to create a collaged self-portrait. All patterns were made by me using various materials around me including (but not limited to) lemon wedges for the pupils and leaves for tome of the skin.
"Nature's Course"
Living Sculpture
Clay with live flowers

"Symbolic Self Portrait"

Mixed Media on Canvas

Process work below:

A Series of Coloured Studies
Pencil Crayon on Paper

"PDLIF (Please Don't Live In Fear)"

Mixed Media on Black Canvas

Process work and close-ups below:

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